Needle dispensing valves

Clean, precise and reliable

Based on the time-pressure dispensing principle, the needle dispensing valves are most effective in continuous applications of low to high viscosity media. Consisting of two structurally separate parts, they have the advantage that material cannot leak into the drive cylinder and interfere with the valve needle movement. The size of the orifi ce is regulated by stroke adjustment. A special, adjustable seal closes the valve needle off from the valve head, ensuring a perfectly clean and precise application of every single shot. The material passageway can be flushed as and when necessary.


  • Continuous application (time-pressure dispensing)
  • Internal diameter 1, 2.5, 6 and 12 mm
  • Max. input pressure 250 bar
  • Compatible with stroke detection
  • Sealing available in various sizes and material finishes


  • Solenoid valve plate 24 V
  • Signal generator with various cables
  • Various adapters and needle tips
  • Pneumatic or electric handle

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