Individually configured dispensing systems for lubricants
Greasing and oiling with maximum efficiency

Dispensing systems for greasing and oiling

We develop and supply the perfect solution for you.

Dispensing systems for greases and oils can’t be bought off the shelf. The requirements for these are too different. The metering and application of lubricants are becoming increasingly complex. Greases and oils need to be applied precisely and as quickly as possible inside drill holes and in complex and difficult-to-reach places. Typical areas of application include the automotive and furniture industries.

Our engineers design the perfect dispensing system for you in line with your specific needs – manually, automated or integrated into your existing production line. With DOPAG you can shorten your cycle times, save material and maximise your system availability.

We have been developing and producing custom dispensing systems for customers all over the world for almost 50 years.

DOPAG is with you at every step – from planning, commissioning and ongoing production to maintenance of your dispensing system. We also provide support for special products and for programming your control system.

We support system integrators and engineers during planning, providing all necessary data, technical documentation and comprehensive advice.

Benefits for you:

  • World’s largest selection of top-quality products

  • More than 45 years of experience in metering and mixing technology

  • DOPAG locations worldwide for comprehensive customer support

  • Individual project support

  • Customer-specific product development

  • Process and material tests with your original parts

  • Rapid availability of replacement parts

  • Comprehensive technical documentation

Sample applications

Domestic appliances
Greasing of door seals and hinges, switches, sintered bearing soaking

Car drives
Greasing and oiling of parts in engines, drives and chassis

Furniture and kitchens
Greasing of hinges, pull-out rails and folding systems

Car bodies and exteriors
Greasing and oiling of doors, locking systems, window regulators, sunroofs

Electrical appliances
Greasing and oiling of motors and gearboxes

Car interiors
Greasing and oiling of seat rails, switches and slider controls

Our products

The modular DOPAG kit is the basis for your individually configured lubricant dispensing system. The system concept consists of three main groups: material supply, dispensing valve or metering valve, and control technology.

By combining these main groups, we can put together an individual solution for you. Whether classic time-pressure metering or volumetric metering, you get the system concept you need. The control system is also programmed and configured precisely to your application.

To improve process stability, you can choose between different monitoring and control systems: micro-flow sensors, gear flow meters, pressure sensors and stroke detection.

Reference projects


Choose your applications:
All DOPAG articles at a glance:
  1. Dispensing two different types of grease

    We configured an automated lubricant dispensing system that optimises production processes in the automotive industry.

  2. Contactless application of grease and oil

    The contactless application of lubricants meets all conditions for complex, automated production processes and is now standard in many industries. We present the options.

  3. Manual application of lubricants

    DOPAG offers special dispensing stations for the manual application of lubricants. With the help of an adapter, components such as O-rings and other seals can be greased or oiled manually. 

  4. Valves for grease spraying in furniture production

    DOPAG offers furniture manufacturers flexible and reliable solutions for the automated application of lubricants.

  5. Valves for the contactless spray application of grease and oil
    Valves for the spray application of grease and oil. Contactless application of lubricants in areas difficult to access.
  6. Metering systems for optimal lubricant dispensing

    The requirements for the type of lubricant dispensing vary and always depend on the application being carried out. Learn here more about the four key factors for successful system design!

  7. Continuous dosing of lubricants, adhesives and sealants

    The membrane dispensing valve ensures a clean application and a high reliability in automated dosing processes.

  8. Shot valve for contactless greasing

    DOPAG presents the shot valve in a new video: It is perfectly suited for contactless material application in highly automated processes.

  9. Individual grease dispensing

    DOPAG has developed two special lubricant application systems for the production of ball screws in automotive industry.

  10. Automated grease metering

    DOPAG presents a production cell, that could be used for greasing and oiling applications. Disocver also valves for contactless material application.

  11. Accurate dosing of grease and oil

    DOPAG developed a special dosing system for the automated lubrication of gas springs.

  12. Lubrication in the automotive industry

    Individual grease and adhesive dispensing systems from DOPAG guarantee highest quality electric parking brakes.

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